Dedication and service since 1935

To be consistent with our updated mission statement, we are changing our name to the
San Diego Transportation Development Association.

Mission Statement

To foster the timely, orderly, and efficient development of all planned transportation facilities in the San Diego region and to promote appropriate means to finance and maintain the facilities.


The SDTDA is a dedicated public service organization whose members have worked diligently since 1935 to encourage all aspects of highway and street development in San Diego County.

As regional planning has evolved, our mission has also evolved to encompass the broader transportation modes vital to the San Diego region. These modes include rail, transit, buses, air travel, and active transportation including bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

Union Tribune Jacob Dekema.jpg

Jacob Dekema

Jacob Dekema was one of SDHDA's founding members, a past president, and responsible for the construction of numerous highway miles throughout the County of San Diego. He's known as Mr. Caltrans and is highly respected throughout the industry and our SDTDA organization.

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