The San Diego Transportation Development Association

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History of the SDTDA

Even during the Great Depression, San Diego continued to expand. Colonel Ed Fletcher was an outstanding leader in those unfortunate times and pioneered the efforts to modernize our area. He strongly believed that the projected population increase in San Diego should be matched with a full recognition of the need for such vital facilities as water supply, roads and highways.

Fletcher pledged to "put San Diego on the National highway map and keep it there". He personally spearheaded the efforts of several groups effectively promoting the idea of transcontinental highways between San Diego and the East Coast.

Following his election to the State Senate in 1934, it became obvious that an organized group was needed to carry on the programs Colonel Fletcher had initiated. Thus, the San Diego Highway Development Association was born!

From our founding in 1935 into the early 2000's, the San Diego Highway Development Association continuously promoted the planning, design, construction and funding of much needed highways and roads throughout the San Diego region. 

In 2007, recognizing that a robust and sustainable transportation system includes all modes of transportation, we updated our mission statement to include all planned transportation facilities. In 2017, we are changed our name to the San Diego Transportation Development Association, to better reflect our mission.